Virginia's Judicial System

Winchester Circuit Court

26th Judicial Circuit of Virginia

Circuit Courts Informational Pamphlet


Hon. Terry H. Whittle


Phone: (540) 667-5770
Fax: (540) 667-6638

Clerk's Office Hours

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The Judicial Center
5 North Kent Street
Winchester, VA 22601


  • Hon. Clifford Lynwood Athey Jr., Presiding Judge, Chief Judge
  • Hon. Neil Randolph Bryant, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Alexander R. Iden, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Bruce D. Albertson
  • Hon. Dennis Lee Hupp
  • Hon. Ronald Lewis Napier
  • Hon. Clark Andrew Ritchie
  • Hon. Thomas J. Wilson IV

Terms of Court and General Information

  • Terms begin, the 3rd Tuesday, Apr., July & Oct. January term begins the 2nd Tuesday.
  • Civil Motions are set by the Court.
  • Civil motions day is usually the 3rd Thursday of each month beginning at 8:00 a.m.
  • Misdemeanor appeals set by the Court. See court website for 2014 Misdemeanor Appeals Days.
  • Grand Jury meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month except for these months and dates: Jan. 14, May 27, & Sept. 23.
  • Praecipe must be filed not less than 7 days preceding Motion Day.
  • Court convenes 9:00 a.m.
  • Local Rules adopted pursuant to Section 8.01-4.
  • Please check our website for court calendar and updates or changes to the calendar.
  • Website:
  • All orders are mailed to counsel or the litigants. In our jurisdiction, we do have mail boxes in our office for many local counsel. If local counsel have a mail box in the Clerk's Office, then the final order is placed in their respective mail boxes.