Virginia's Judicial System

Recertification Changes

Approximately 400 certified mediators are due for recertification this year by June 30th. Reminder notices and a revised version of Form ADR-1003, Application for Mediator Recertification, will be mailed in March.

Exactly what is different now? In essence, there are now separate recertification requirements if you are a mediator who holds certification in both general and family mediation. You no longer automatically receive recertification in general by satisfying the family recertification requirements.


Mediator Recertification Requirements

General District Court and Circuit Court-Civil Mediation*

  • Completion of 5 complete cases or 15 hours of general mediation and at least 8 hours of general mediation training **

Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court and Circuit Court-Family Mediation *

  • Completion of 5 complete cases or 15 hours of domestic relations mediation and at least 8 hours of approved family mediation training **

*If one holds GDC and Circuit Court-Civil certifications, recertification in GDC will automatically renew both GDC and Circuit Court-Civil certifications. If one holds J&DR and Circuit Court-Family certifications, recertification in J&DR will automatically renew both J&DR and Circuit Court-Family certifications.

** Please note that a minimum of two hours of these training credits must be in mediation ethics. If you are recertifying in both general and family, of the 16 hours total continuing mediation education credits, at least 2 hours must be in ethics.

As always, there is no penalty for submitting your application in advance of the expiration date. An early submission is likely to result in a shorter processing time.

This page last modified: March 23, 2000