Virginia's Judicial System

Mediation Information System Update

Approximately 2,000 mediations have now been entered in the Mediation Information System on the Internet, and we appreciate those mediators who are taking the time to provide this valuable information. The reports we have printed recently, however, reveal that there is a greater attention to detail needed in order to make the information a more accurate reflection of what is taking place.

As you enter cases, please take care to enter all dates asked for, including the date the case was filed in court, the date it was referred to orientation session, and the date set for court hearing. These three dates should be available on the court papers given to you. If a date is missing from the paperwork provided, please contact the court for the information. You are also asked for the date of the first mediation session and the date the case was concluded. Many of the reports we are generating calculate for us the time elapsed between these dates, i.e. number of days between the date filed in court and the date referred to orientation session. If inaccurate dates are entered, the calculations are wrong. If no date is entered, the system defaults to a date of January 1, 2000, which results in inaccurate calculations. Please wait until a case has been concluded before entering it in the system.

Another area that perhaps calls for clarification are the fields related to payment. If you or your mediation center are receiving compensation from the court or another source for the mediation, that should be reported here. For example, if it is a Senate Bill 127 case, click on "Yes" under Mediator Fees and then on $100 under Amount of Fee. If it is a case that falls under a contract you have with the Office of the Executive Secretary, again you should answer "Yes" and the dollar amount received for the case.

We want to be able to give an accurate reporting to the General Assembly of the value of mediation but cannot do so without correct and complete data. All certified mediators are requested to enter all court-referred mediations in the system. This is also a way for us to determine the volume of cases each court in the state is referring to mediation and how much time the process is saving for the parties who choose mediation over a court hearing.

Just by way of reminder, to log onto MIS, your User Name consists of the first two letters of your last name in capital letters followed by the last four digits of your social security number. Your Password consists of your first name (as it is stored in the DRS database) keyed in all capital letters. Please contact our office if you have a problem logging on or if you have questions about entering data. Thank you for your assistance in this information-gathering process. We believe the mediation community and those we serve will benefit from our collective efforts in capturing this valuable data.

This page last modified: October 18, 2002