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Virginia Chapter ACR News

The Virginia Chapter of The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) has recently held their annual meeting and conducted election of officers for the upcoming year. The results of the election are as follows:

     President Will Miller
     Vice-President Jim Phillips
     Secretary Julia Morelli
     Treasurer Janet Murdock


ACR is the newly formed entity from the merger of AFM, CRENet and SPIDR. The Chapter sets its agenda for the year through its committee assignments. The committees established, and their respective Chairpersons, are as follows:

     ADR Initiatives Committee - Jim Phillips
     Bylaws Committee - Susan Sheets
     Conference Committee - Russell Harris
     Membership Committee - Janet Murdock
     Paul Berry Youth Fund Administrator - Jeff Payne
     Speakers Bureau - Will Miller

Anyone wishing to participate in one of these committees may contact Julia Morelli, Anyone wishing membership information may contact Janet Murdock, The ACR Executive Board wishes to announce one Board opening. Please contact Will Miller, if you have an interest in serving on the activist Board of this exciting new association.

This page last modified: October 29, 2001