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Virginia Mediation Network Leads "Quality Colloquium"

VMN has developed a "Quality Colloquium" to be held on Saturday, March 15, in the University of Richmond's law school building.

The purpose of the colloquium is to provide an opportunity for mediators to take a fresh look at issues of quality from the perspective of the mediator community -- what it means, whether current processes ensure it, what might be done differently, etc. This will be a facilitated conversation among attendees, with very little "talking heads" overlay. VMN will be sending background material to registrants to read in advance, primarily information on what other states and programs are doing. An objective is to see if the community can develop a consensus on some objective next steps - whether a group of recommendations, chartering further specific study, or whatever the facilitated discussion identifies as appropriate outcomes.

The colloquium is largely an outgrowth of two quality breakfasts convened at VMN's last two training conferences, led by Kathey Foskett and Sam Jackson. Both Kathey and Sam will be helping with the colloquium also. Tracey Pilkerton, a mediator and expert facilitator, is helping design the facilitation model to be used on March 15th.

Space may still be available - call the VMN office (804-285-3373) if you are interested and haven't already signed up. The cost is $15 (to help us defray costs of lunch and materials).


This page last modified: March 26, 2003