Virginia's Judicial System

Continuing Mediation Education Calculation Tool (CME CaT)


List the total number of credits earned for each CME type in the corresponding field (e.g., put all ethics CME in the "ethics" field; all non-ethics credit that isn't MPC, SRC, or trainer CME in the "non-ethics" field). Note that certain types of CME have a maximum amount earnable per recertification cycle. The maximum is reflected in the "Type" column.

A message will appear in the "Requirements" section below that indicates the number of CMEs applicable to the current recertification cycle, as well as any missing requirements or carry-over credits. Do not double count credits by entering them multiple times in different rows, as this may distort the results.

Any credits, up to 8, carried over will be counted as non-ethics CME for the mediator's next recertification cycle. For more information on recertification requirements and CMEs, read the Guidelines for the Training and Certification of Court-Referred Mediators, Section D.

    # of CME Credits


    Number of CME hours carried over from the previous recertification cycle (Max 8)
    Mediator ethics trainings (Min 2, Max 18)
    Non-ethics training (Max 16)
    Mediator Peer Consultation / MPC (Max 6)
    Self-Reflective Co-mediation (Max 3)
    CME for delivering CMEs/CLEs related to mediation (Max 6)


    A mediator must have at least 10 CME credits. You have entered 0 credit(s) for recertification.

    A mediator must have at least 2 ethics CME credits. You have entered 0 ethics credit(s) for recertification.

    This tool is intended to help mediators prepare for recertification. The results of this tool are not a confirmation or denial of recertification, but rather an estimate based on the information provided by the mediator. Final authority in approving an application for recertification rests with the Division of Dispute Resolution Services (DRS).













    Last Updated June 2020