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Commissioners of Accounts

The judges of each circuit appoint attorneys as Commissioners of Accounts to provide “general supervision of all fiduciaries admitted to qualify in the court or before the clerk of the circuit court and shall make all ex parte settlements of the fiduciaries’ accounts.” Virginia Code § 64.2-1200. Commissioners of Accounts maintain their own offices and keep their own books, accounts and records, and may charge fees for the services they perform. The circuit court appointing the Commissioner of Accounts sets the fees that may be charged.

Alphabetical Listing of Commissioners of Accounts
Maintained and provided for posting on this Web site by the Virginia Conference of Commissioners of Accounts

Circuit Court Fiduciary Forms

Complaints Against Commissioners of Accounts
Adopted by the Judicial Council of Virginia, effective April 1, 2021

Manual for Commissioners of Accounts
The Manual is a publication of and can be purchased from Virginia CLE. The information below is excerpted from the Manual and posted on this website with the permission of Virginia CLE

Uniform Fee Schedule Guidelines
Contact the local circuit court for fee schedule in effect.