Virginia's Judicial System

Richmond Circuit Court: Supervisor Information

The content of this page was provided by the Richmond Circuit Court and has been posted on Virginia's Judicial System Web site as a courtesy to the Richmond Circuit Court.

Edward F. Jewett, Clerk
(804) 646-6506
Cecelia Hargrove, Chief Deputy
(804) 646-6536
Tammy Taylor, Supervisor
Accounting and Administration
(804) 646-6506
Tonya Hester, Supervisor
In-Court, Criminal
(804) 646-6553
Jim Orum, Supervisor
Record Room
(804) 646-6530
Donna Lythgoe, Supervisor
Civil Section
(804) 646-6536
Sherita Thompson, Supervisor
Out-Of-Court, Criminal
(804) 646-0035