Virginia's Judicial System

Tazewell General District Court

29th Judicial District of Virginia

General District Courts Informational Pamphlet


Ms Crystal Denise Crouse


Phone: (276) 385-1563
Fax: (276) 988-6202

Clerk's Office Hours

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


135 Court Street, Suite 300
Tazewell, VA 24651-1081


  • Hon. George Robert Brittain, Chief Judge
  • Hon. Henry A. Barringer

Court Schedule

1st and 3rd Monday: Civil
   9:00 a.m., Attorney cases
   9:30 a.m., Unlawful Detainers
   10:00 a.m., Miscellaneous warrants in debts, contested cases and 
   garnishments           Garnishments
   10:30 a.m., Schewels
   11:00 a.m., National Bank

3rd Monday:
   11:00 Show causes for failing to pay fines and costs

2nd and 4th Monday: Richlands Police Department
   9:00   Traffic and Criminal cases
   1:00   Arraignments (Bonded) and Inmate Arraignments; Bond 
   2:00   Protective Orders

Virginia State Police and Tazewell County Sheriff's Office: Traffic 
and Criminal &
Show causes for failing to report to jail & pre-trial show causes
   9:00 and 10:00 Virginia State Police
10:30 Tazewell County Sheriff's Office
   11:30 VASAP (first Wednesday of each month)
   1:00  Tazewell County Sheriff's Office
   1:30  Civilian Complaint Criminal Cases
   2:00  Protective Orders
   3rd Wednesday
     10:00 a.m. , Pocahontas Police Department

1st and 3rd Thursday: Bluefield Police Department
   Cedar Bluff Police Department
   Traffic and Criminal
     9:00   Bluefield Police Department
     11:00 Cedar Bluff Police Department

3rd Thursday:
   11:00 Probation Show Causes, Restitution Show Causes
   1:00 Shoplifting charges

2nd and 4th Thursday: Tazewell Police Department: Traffic and 
   9:00 Tazewell Police Department
   2:00 Protective Orders

2nd Thursday:
   1:00 Bad Check charges

2nd and 4th Friday: Felony cases
   9:00 Waivers, continuances, preliminary hearings and pre-trial 

Continuance Policy

Continuances granted by Judge on motion; in civil cases, granted by Clerk upon agreement of all parties; in traffic & misdemeanors, by Clerk.